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Of course, this is an early set of young, growing, maturing, developing, sprouting can always tell by the "Mum" tat on her right arm before she had a tattooist redo it. In the UK, they used to call this kind of set "American" because of the closing spread pink shots that were a no-no in most British men's magazines in the late '90s. By the time LDM posed for this layout (January, 1997), she was a huge magazine star in North America and Japan, thanks to the December '96 SCORE (the 50th edition of SCORE, released in October) with its well-remembered body-painted cover. "What a fresh, nice, new model from England. Linsey is a ten on most anyone's scale!" wrote S.C. from Lucas, Georgia in the March '97 issue.
May 12th, 2018   
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