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"No, silly, the Devil didn't make me do it, but I bet I could make the Devil do a thing or two! Especially when I look way better in red than he does, and I've got a nicer tail! "Who doesn't enjoy a little spooky fun on Halloween? Dressing up is fabulous, and the best part is that you can go out in public wearing just about anything all day long and nobody minds. Especially when you look sexy! "In the past, I've been a witch, a black cat, a French maid, and the boys absolutely loved it. And, I don't always wait for Halloween. Just last year at Christmas I dressed up as Santa. This year, I decided that since I've been absolutely naughtier than ever -- doing my first peeing shot, and my first hardcore video -- that my red-hot Devil outfit was just the most splendid choice. "I hope all of you out there are enjoying Halloween, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you didn't get dressed up and get into the spirit! "Unless you found a little French maid of your own and got undressed-up and got into the spirit that way!" Take care, Love, Linsey.
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