Letters To Linsey

"Hi Linsey! The new video "Country Girl" is the best video of 2006 and second best only to "Boobahontas." The creaming up of your boobs almost made me fall of my seat and when you said "If only you could feel what I feel now," I was in boob heaven! When you walked up to the camera, looked staight into it, your beautiful eyes sparkled and you kissed the camera with your finger, I loved it! Linsey, you are incredibly beautiful! Your #1 fan, Ricky."

"I love Thursday nights. Always have, well at least since I discovered years ago. You are my Thursday evening addiction. As much as I love this site, I do wish to make a constructive criticism. It's been a long time since Linsey was a little kid and I think even as a teen she probably was more woman than most women ever dreamed of being. So my criticism has to do with the themes of the photo shoots. She has a body and exudes a sexual energy that are both highly mature, so what's with all the juvenille…
Date: August 16th, 2023
Photos: 65

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