The Incredible Shrinking Dress

The Incredible Shrinking Dress

Letters To Linsey

"Dear Linsey, I am 65 years old. I enjoy your photos to a point. Back during the 1950's there was a model named June Palmer. She was the most beautiful and popular nude model during this period. However, she kept her legs closed. I would love to have you research her photos and try and match them. I would like to see your beautiful body in the poses she did. Her photographer was Harrison Marks, quite famous during the 50's. Thank you.-W."

"All of your movies are great but I especially loved all of the movies from Boobahontas on up for some very special reasons. Your body looks beautiful in any light. You are the sexiest woman period.-Greg."

TV Credit Addition
An addition to Linsey's TV credits listed in the pictorial Sheer Caps is the May 22, 2002 David Blaine special called Vertigo. Blaine stood on a column 80 feet high for 35 hours in New York, drawing huge crowds. This is intercut with scenes of Blaine doing his street magic in Manhattan. In one segment, he…
Date: September 9th, 2023
Photos: 60

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