Bare In Blue

Letters To LinseysWorld

"Surely the sexiest model in the world ever! Linsey, you are absolutely stunning. Your tits are amazing and I love the way you keep your pussy - carefully shorn of all but that sexy black strip that entices us men so much. Beautiful!-T.D."

"How about a Dream SCORE type thing, with a painting of Linsey doing two guys at once? Okay, she doesn't fit normal Dream SCORE rules, as she has done hardcore, but surely you could still get a painting done of her doing two guys at once, something she's never done.-M.D."

"Here are my favorite Linsey videos (not counting her DVDs): A Good Day To Park It, Cuntess Suckula, Secretary At Work, Working At The Car Wash, My Living Doll and Tiki Linsey. I hope you will transfer these to DVD because I want to see them on my big-screen plasma TV.-R.D."
Date: September 11th, 2023
Photos: 72

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