Bristol City

Letters To Linsey:

"It must take a man of iron will not to be flabbergasted by the sight of your mountainous breasts. Or not to get a heart attack imagining penetrating your inviting body. Keep the pictorials and movies coming."-Bert.

"My new favorite video now is the Work Out With Linsey. I have played this video constantly since it was posted. Thank you for making it a keeper. I love any kind of tit play. I can spend hours watching your tits move in different ways and this video is perfect for that. I am not very interested in seeing things inserted into girls and masturbation. Masturbation bores me. I suppose plenty of chaps write to see you insert things into your fanny and bumhole. You are my favorite big-bust model of them all, no one has your personality and sense of humor and style. They do not even come close, mere ciphers who do what they do just for the cash."-Neville.
Date: November 8th, 2023
Photos: 80

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