Under the Microscope

Under the Microscope

Linsey Dawn goes under the microscope so you can get as close as possible to her. Really close. Every shot taken of LDM is as close as you can get with this 2nd series of super-macro shots: the ultra-close-ups of close-up photography. So close you can count the pores on Linsey's skin. So close, that when you fill your monitor screen with Linsey's nipple, NASA scientists will ask for copies. So pull up the chair. You can't get closer to Linsey Dawn than this. Any closer and you'd be inside her. Which would be very sweet, indeed.
Date: June 5th, 2024
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1 month ago 

Has there ever been another photo set that allows us to appreciate in such detail the erotic female body parts of one of the most busty and beautiful models of all time?
Every time this photo set is re-released on Linsey Dawn McKenzie .com, I am amazed at how much I love and admire her pussy.
I consider this collection to be a standout treasure among the treasures in Score's vast collection of photos, along with Chloe Vevrier's youthful pussy shots and others.
As a lover of the wonderful pussies of beautiful models with big tits, I strongly agree.

Because I believe that busty beauty models like Linsey and Chloe (and Danni Ashe, etc.), whose pussy, boobs, and beauty are all superb, will be hard to come by in the future.

A closer look at the anatomy of the female pussy reveals that the minor labia divide into an upper and lower branch in front of the clitoris, with the upper branch fusing with the clitoral foreskin and the lower branch fusing with the lower edge of the clitoris. I am most interested in and love the fluttering minor labia itself and the appearance of this part of the pussy. I can think of no better models than Lindsey and Chloe for the beauty and exquisiteness of the structure of this area. (Photos 39, 40, 49, 50)
Another great series of photos of this area is the “I Let You Play Around With My Dreams Of Love” series, which also shows the overall structure of the pussy (Photo 48). Yet another series, “Joyland In Toyland” (photo 46), in which the clitoral foreskin is incredibly raised, exposing the clitoris, is another valuable photo that should definitely be in your collection.

The most distinctive feature of Linsey Dawn McKenzie's deeply carved, well-shaded, high-contrast pussy is the long, long, straight clitoral hood?fore skin) that covers her large spherical clitoris.
From a standing front view, her pussy type is considered to be the same prominent outer lip type as Autumn Jade, or the long dangling outer lip type.
The latter possibility is because her long clitoral hood(fore skin) may appear out of the slit in the pussy of her plamp major labia on both sides.
Overall, from my taste, the best one is Chloe Vevrier's pussy, but the second best one may be this Linsey Dawn McKenzie's pussy. Chloe's pussy is a prominent inner lips type. Both Chloe's and Linsey's pussy are deeply carved, well-shaded, high-contrast
wonderful pussy with a large spherical clitoris, but the biggest difference is in the minor labia . That is, Chloe's minor labia is thick, meaty and large, while Linsey's minor labia is relatively thin, narrow and small. Therefore, as mentioned above, there is a difference in pussy type between Chloe and Linsey. Moreover, for that reason, Linsey's pussy gives a seemingly sharp and stiff impression, while Chloe's pussy gives a more lustful and more erotic impression. Some people like it or hate it, but for me, that's the difference between first and second place.
However, in any case, Chloe and Linsey's pussy is exceptionally wonderful.
Earlier I mentioned that I am a large meaty pussy lover and my favorite four large meaty pussy queens are Lily Valentine, Dawn Phoenix, Vanessa Shipley and Lillian Faye, but Chloe and Lindsey's pussy may be more fantastic than those four queens' pussy.

This is the set which allows us to check where LDM’s control panel might be because she is surely too perfect to be human. The battery must be somewhere…. Awesome shots of every inch of her but her fabulous areolae, her pretty clit and glorious asshole are really impressive

Amazing gallery

Linsey, her pussy is fairly good. Especially, voluptuous major labia,long clitoris-hood, and relatively big bulb like clitoris.
Her cunt is located next to My favorite Five Pussy Queen.
Namely, first: Lily Valentine, second: Dawn Phoenix, third: Lilian Faye, fourth: Vanessa Shipley, fifth: Chloe Vevrier, and next the pussy of this Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

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